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Senegal Endurance Championships 2013-2014

Senegal Endurance Championships

This championship stands out thanks to a spirit resolutely devoted to endurance in a welcoming, exotic and friendly atmosphere on the Dakar Circuit.

Dates and length of races

In the purest spirit of endurance, the organisers have placed the emphasis on riding time and designed the rules to favour this, enabling costs to be limited in all domains.

  • 7-8 December 2013 : Les 1000 kms de Dakar

  • 18-19 January 2014: Les 6H de Sindia

  • 22-23 February 2014: Les 12H de Dakar


Enrolment fees incl. tax per + 2L car or prototype:

  • The Dakar 1000 km : 1.000 €

  • The Sindia 6 hours : 1.000 €

  • Les 1000 virages : 1.000 €

  • 50% discount for – 2L cars (excluding prototypes)

Technical and sporting aspects

Based on FIA regulations, the Endurance Championship rules have changed this year to accept -2L Sport Prototypes, which will be racing alongside the GT and Touring cars but which will have a separate time classification.

There will therefore be two separate standings: the GT Touring Endurance Championship standings and the Prototype Endurance Challenge standings.


FIA safety standards must be respected both in terms of the FIA approved circuit and the rules.


Provision of top-quality fuel (AVGAS 100LL) will be made on service station basis, which is the safest and least costly means.

The rules limiting the capacity of fuel tanks to 100 L and checks on refuelling at the pumps ensures a level playing field, which is an essential point.


In partnership with tyre manufacturer Michelin, for each race, there is a tyres service (provision of tyres, fitting, adjusting, advice, etc).

Welcome and services

There will be a catering service in the paddock and VIP area of a standing in keeping with the spirit of the series.

It will be possible to leave your car in total safety at the circuit site as you take part in the different stages of the Championship.

The 2009-2010 Championship

12h Dakar

Belgian driver Gérard de Ville de Goyet triumphed hands down as Champion of Senegal last year: he won 3 of the 4 races in the Senegal Endurance Championship 2009-2010. The key to his success was most certainly his racing strategy, perfectly managed by his team.

Behind him in second place in the championship came the drivers Marc de Siebenthal (Switzerland), Walid Ezzedine (Senegal) and Jean Dagher (Senegal).

Another Swiss driver, Bertrand Chapuis, finished in third position.

In the -2L category, Stéphane Corso (Senegal) finished ahead of Stéphane Pineau (Senegal).

Third position was occupied by another Belgian, Bernard Appercé.

Well done to all the drivers who took part in these championships, which totalled more than 30 hours of racing. A date for the diaries: next season will start in November 2010.

Final standings

1. Swiss-Belgian team: No. 19 (Porsche 964 RSR) team Gérald de Ville (Marc de Siebenthal, Serge Kriknoff, Gérald de Ville): 340 laps

2. Senegalese team: No. 09 (Porsche 996 Cup) team kana Senegal (Nagy Kabaz, Kamil, Rahal, Karim Karrit): 337 laps

3. Senegalese team: No. 08 (Porsche 997 Cup) Sahel competitions team (Walid Ezzedine, Jean Dagher, Jean Azar): 332 laps