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Circuit of Dakar - Baobabs

Vue aérienne du circuit des Baobabs

The circuit has already seduced many professional drivers thanks to the quality of the track and the unique environment surrounding it. The circuit is at the heart of the savannah, surrounded by baobabs and homologated to meet FIA norms.
Infrastructures such as a control tower, pits, sanitary installations, a car parking and a cafeteria have been built in the traditional Malian architectural style.
An off-road track will also be created.


The circuit of Dakar – Baobabs presents many assets:

  • Weather : summer temperatures with absolute dry weather between November and May (during fall / winter in the northern hemisphere).

  • Attractive and exotic destination : wonderful landscapes and charming Senegalese people. Saly, a seaside resort, is only 20 minutes away from the circuit and boasts of a large and diversified hotel infrastructure.

  • Proximity : many direct flights from the European capital cities (about 5 hours) and only a 1 or 2-hour time difference.

  • Unique atmosphere : a genuine destination where the unique and outstanding African culture will definitely contribute to the success of your event.

  • Easy and quick transport of the vehicles: many shipping companies operate in the Dakar harbour. The circuit is located on a site under customs control, hence the absence of excessive paperwork to export the vehicles (ATA carnet).

Renting the circuit

The circuit of Dakar – Baobabs may be rented. A whole range of services can be provided in this unique and safe environment:

  • Organization of races and events

  • Tests and trials in the car/motorbike area

  • International car and motorbike practices

  • Development of prototypes

  • Launch of new products

  • Presentations to the press / communication tool for the automotive industry

  • Driving schools, organization of Incentives

  • Research and development pole for manufacturers