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FIlm - 12h de Dakar

6 Hours of Dakar : The "Critérium"

6h dakar criterium

Traditionally driven as a prelude, "Le Critérium de Dakar" is reserved to all tourism cars under 2 litres. Another feature: racing tyres are not allowed for this race.

On pole position the Honda Civic ELR from Walid Ezzedine and in second position the ClioCup from Alain Crefecoeur-Olivier Bouche.

The Honda missed his start completely so the Renault Clio Super1600 from Rahal took the lead. He was overtaken soon by the Crefecoeur/Bouche Clio. After 6 laps, the Honda became the logic leader again for the rest of the race. Due to his original fuel tank, the Crefecoeur/Bouche Clio had to pit twice.The Rahal Super Clio finaly took second place.

The valiant FunCup from Van Cutsum/Michel took a nice fifth place, just behind the Mini Cooper S from Derdaele-Venus.

Results criterium (13 cars classified on 24 starters)

1. W.Ezzidine/J.Dagher (Honda Civic V-tec)
2. K.Rahal/F.Rosier (Renault Clio S1600)
3. A.Crefcoeur/O.Bouche (Renault Clio Cup)
4. M.Sassine/de Freitas (Peugeot 205 Gti)
5. R.Van Cutsem/S.Michel (VW FunCup)

The 6 hours of Dakar

6h dakar

Contested over two races of 3 hours each, the 6 hours of Dakar formerly took place in the city of Dakar. The creation of a new and beautiful race track at Sindia (60 km south of Dakar) was the best solution not to disturb the traffic in Dakar anymore.

Heat 1

Beautiful and very fast, the Norma from Kabaz-Ibanez was stopped early by exhaust trubles and later by a broken gear box. The immense Porsche Bi-turbo from Vanierschot/Derdaele/Marchal overtook the lead. But after 2 hours, this car became victime of technical problems and lost many laps.

So, it was the Porsche from De Ville de Goyet/Von Siebenthal, without doubt the most homogene team of this edition, which took the lead in front of Azar (Porsche) and Grignac (Porsche). Collard/Beltoise (Lotus 2-Eleven) had a good race but an oil leak was the reason to stop their race.

Heat 2

The Belgian-Swiss team de Ville de Goyet/Von Siebenthal increased the difference with their followers which beame big enough to win the 6 hours for the 2nd time in row. The battle for second place was very intens between the Porsches of Azar/Dagher and Grignac-Grignac. Refery in this duel was the Lotus from Crefecoeur/Bouche, but at the end they lost to much time withe their fuel supply.

Final classement after two heats:

1. G de Ville de Goyet/Marc de Siebenthal, Porsche, 174 tours
2. Jean Azar/Jean Dagher, Porsche 997 GT3 Cup, à 1 tour
3. Ch.Grignac/S.Grignac, Porsche 964 RS, à 1 tour
4. A.Crefcoeur/O.Bouche, Lotus Eleven à 2 tours
5. W.Ezzedine/PH.Desmazure, Honda Civic V-Tec, à 7 tours
6. A.Vanierschot/Derdaele/Marchal, Porsche 996 Bi-turbo, à 11 tours